Year out of US on cards in quest for gold

pics in merlin
pics in merlin

BASKETBALL superstar Lauren Jackson has confirmed she is seriously considering taking a season off from the WNBA in 2012 to help the Opals win Olympic gold in London.

The Opals captain was in Albury-Wodonga for a whirlwind visit at the weekend before heading to Russia last night for another season of Euroleague basketball with Spartak Moscow.

Speaking at the launch of the latest land release of Wodonga’s White Box Rise development, the two-time WNBA MVP said for her, winning an Olympic gold medal was the ultimate career achievement.

“After the last Olympics, the next one could potentially be my last opportunity,” she said.

“So I have to make a choice about where I want to be and how I want to do it.

“I haven’t fully committed to anything yet and that’s where I’m at. It’s something I have to look at and think about, what my priorities are going to be in four years’ time.

“I know I want to finish my career with a gold medal, it’s probably the only thing I haven’t achieved that I wanted to achieve, so it’s always going to be in the back of my mind, especially over the next four years.

“In the past playing WNBA has been very good for me, playing in the best league in the world, getting peak fitness but with that comes risk of injury and not being able to be with your teammates in the lead-up to the Olympics.”

Jackson admitted the Opals played at nowhere near their best in the gold medal game against the US, saying that perhaps complacency had contributed to their poor showing.

“I think we didn’t have the best tournament at the Olympics we could have, going into the gold medal game I think there was a bit of complacency,” she said.

“We thought we could win and I still think we can win a gold medal there’s no doubt about that.”

Jackson also said she was weighing up her playing options in the WNBA thanks to her unrestricted free agency but was fairly positive she would re-sign with the Seattle Storm.

“I can’t see myself doing anything differently, that is, playing for Seattle, but I’ve got a good couple of months to think about it and where I want to play,” she said.

“I feel like the pressure is off and I can take my time with what I want to do.

“But Seattle is my home over there and has been for eight years, so I can’t see a move happening.”