North Albury drug dealer unable to avoid the cops

NORTH Albury drug dealer Jack George Delahunty hoped the use of coded messages would disguise his illegal transactions and allow him to fly under the radar of the law. 

The 20-year-old sold ice and ecstasy using terms like “game of pool”, “coffee” and “Playstation games” to denote the type and quantity of drugs. 

But officers were on his case as part of a strike force targeting Border drug trafficking. 

Delahunty appeared before Albury Local Court this week and will learn his fate next month.

Officers noticed his car in Schaefer Street, Lavington, on September 26 last year.

He drove into Hague Street and was stopped about 12.50am, with police intelligence showing links to drug possession and supply.

Delahunty consented to the vehicle being searched and was seen to drop something between his legs as he stepped out.

Police found $850 in cash, which he said he had received from concreting work and selling a motorbike, and 26 beige MDMA tablets in the driver’s side footwell.

Delahunty had bloodshot eyes, was slurring his words and was “clumsy”.

A hospital test showed methamphetamine, speed and MDMA in his system.

Officers formed Strike Force Boromi the following month to target drug supply with a particular focus on ice.

Delahunty's phone was tapped from October 8 to December 24.

Police stopped his car in Keene Street on November 12 and found two bags of methamphetamine under a gear stick lever cover.

They also seized seven green ecstasy pills with Mercedes logos.

Delahunty also had $650 cash – which he said he had won at the pokies – and his Samsung phone was littered with drug-related conversations.

He again came to police attention the following month as officers patrolled Lavington.

He was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer at McDonald and Griffith roads and sped off from police onto Wagga Road.

Delahunty drove into Dick Road and stopped at Shelley Avenue.

A drug test at Albury hospital detected both ice and speed and a search of a white phone found the numbers of several people targeted through Strike Force Boromi.

He was questioned on March 23 and has been held in custody since.

The 20-year-old appeared in court on Monday and was committed to the District Court in mid-October.

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