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Way beyond acceptable 

Re: the lewd image of an Albury Tigers football player. I acknowledge the apology issued by The Border Mail on September 21. Do we need to change our signage from ‘Welcome to Albury-Wodonga’ to ‘Welcome to Boganville’? Absolutely not.

I have no issue as such with The Border Mail. We need to address the heart of the issue. The player in question, his team mates, the Albury Football Club and the O&M League need to seriously address this issue.

As reported in the paper the club was disappointed and are going to talk to the player. The O&M said they would take disciplinary action against him. The penalty and/or sanction needs to be applied broadly and not just to the player.

The other players and the officials should have stopped this from happening. The photographer has been brought into an indecent exposure issue and needs an apology, as does The Border Mail. The lack of respect is astounding.

The bigger issue of Mad Monday needs to be re-cast to being a more respectful celebratory event.

Now I am no prude but this issue is way beyond what is acceptable.

This type of behaviour is part of a broader trend of seeing what a person or group can get away with.

The sanctions need to be both financial and have an impact on the player, players and the club. The "hurt" needs to get the attention of all concerned so it will seriously alter future behaviour.

Peter Challis, Albury

Wodonga citizens ignored 

During the past 10 years, successive councils have regularly called for discussions with and submissions by the citizens of Wodonga and steadfastly ignored and acted against responses by Wodonga citizens and recommendations by council officers.

Included among those items were closure of the Stanley Street pool and refusal to extend the Wodonga Leisure Centre, the establishment of an open air pool in White Box Rose, closure of and failure to  adequately replace the information centre on the Gateway, failure to account to the citizens of Wodonga for expenditure on monies wasted by councillors and officers on trips to Melbourne and abroad, neglect of central Wodonga and the development of a potential slum city in White Box Rise by allowing subdivision developments, which provide for narrow streets and the construction of huge houses on small blocks of land with no street or frontal parking.

I understand that four Councillors will  not be contesting the October election and suggest that the residents and ratepayers of Wodonga will get rid of the remaining Councillors and choose a new Council, which will  properly respect and act in accordance with the wishes and interests of the City of Wodonga and its citizens.  

Bill Buckpitt, Wodonga 

Uber the only winner

Re: your article (‘Vexed cabbies slam premier’, September 20). People need to realise this is not about competition. It's not about Uber. It's about the government, and the way they have totally mishandled the situation. 

Uber anger: Wodonga cabbies, including Neil Hawkins, are unhappy with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ taxi licence buy-back plan. Picture: MARK JESSER

Uber anger: Wodonga cabbies, including Neil Hawkins, are unhappy with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ taxi licence buy-back plan. Picture: MARK JESSER

The government has allowed Uber to operate illegally. The government entered the taxi market to raise money for themselves and manipulate a free market situation. 

The government is going to take away the taxi licenses operators have paid for and offer a fraction of their value in return. They’re is going to make these plate owners purchase new licenses to re-enter the market that they are already a part of. No bad business decisions have been made by taxi operators. 

The legislation already exists that would allow ride share to operate but the government thinks it needs to change the rules to suit Uber. Taxi owners, drivers and customers will all lose if Daniel Andrews gets his way. Only Uber will win. 

Scott Cowie, Wodonga Taxis

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