Stab threat after eviction

A MUSLIM refugee who fled the Taliban has been fined and placed on a good behaviour bond for a drunken incident outside Paddy’s.

Shabbir Ali Rezaei, also known as Ali Qurban, arrived in Australia in 2013 after escaping from Afghanistan through Pakistan with his wife and young child.

He settled in Shepparton, but can’t attend pubs and clubs in the northern Victorian city as he would face backlash and ramifications from the Shiite community.

Rezaei occasionally goes out with friends in areas outside of Shepparton, and did just that in Albury on March 12.

He consumed an unknown amount of alcohol that night and into the early hours of the following morning.

The 33-year-old was clearly drunk when he came to the attention of a security guard about 2am.

The bouncer was conducting a walk through of the venue and told Rezaei he had to leave.

He became aggressive and told the man he would stab him.

Rezaei was escorted outside with the help of other bouncers and was told not to return.

But the security guard noticed Rezaei in the beer garden a short time later during another walk through.

He took hold of him by the arm and Rezaei again threatened to stab the bouncer and refused to provide identification or his name outside the venue.

He repeatedly threw his right hand into the bouncer’s face and swung a phone at him, causing the man to step back to avoid being hit.

Police arrived a short time later and noticed Rezaei was heavily drunk and swaying on his feet.

Officers had alleged the 33-year-old had told the bouncer he would kill him but dropped charges in Albury Local Court.

Defence lawyer Mark Cronin said the incident had largely stemmed from frustration at his client’s inability to communicate.

Rezaei speaks very little English and Mr Cronin said he had been trying to retrieve his car keys.

Magistrate Michael Crompton fined him $250 and placed him on a 12-month bond.

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