Trio committed for murder trial

THREE people have been committed to stand trial for the murder of Hamilton man Joshua Kane at Mount Eccles National Park in January.

Lanie Snell, 34, Stuart Campbell, 19, and Samuel Worthy, 19, all of Hamilton, were committed to appear in the Supreme Court on Friday, November 11, for a directions hearing on murder charges.

All three pleaded not guilty on Monday in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to the murder.

A former housemate of Ms Snell’s, Missy Andrews, told the committal hearing she had overheard Ms Snell and Mr Worthy discussing killing Mr Kane before his death.

She told the hearing that she had thought the conversation was “stupid” and had not paid much heed to it until Mr Kane was reported missing.

Ms Andrews also told the court that she had driven to Mount Eccles with her brother David in January where they had helped Ms Snell, Mr Worthy and Mr Campbell restart a car using jumper leads.

She said Ms Snell had told her the next day that bleach had been spilt in the car.

Ms Andrews told the court that Ms Snell and Mr Kane had a falling out a few months before his death over “a smart-arsed comment” that Mr Kane had made about one of Ms Snell’s children.

She said that Ms Snell was in a relationship with Mr Campbell.

Mr Kane’s sister, Samara Kane-Foley, told the court she believed that at the time Mr Kane went missing, he was best friends with Mr Worthy.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Mr Worthy was in a relationship with Ms Snell. That was not correct.

Former house mate Missy Andrews told the court that Mr Campbell was in a relationship with Ms Snell, not Mr Worthy.

The mistake was made a reporter.

This story Committed first appeared on The Standard.