$1.16 million contract to create roundabout on Thurgoona Drive awarded by Albury Council

A NOTORIOUS Lavington intersection will be replaced by a roundabout.

The existing intersection of Thurgoona Drive, Catherine Crescent and Travelstop Way regularly becomes a bottle neck in a growing industrial area and major access point to the rapidly growing Thurgoona area.

Albury Council this week awarded a $1.16 million contract to Border company, AP Delaney and Co for the upgrade.

It will be the first of three major upgrades planned for Thurgoona Drive.

The roundabout has been designed to cater for heavy vehicle turning movements and potential future duplication of Thurgoona Drive.

The council's engineering director Brad Ferris acknowledged the existing traffic issues.

“It has been an intersection that has caused issues around traffic flow and safety,” he said.

“Thurgoona Drive is an arterial road.

Brad Ferris

Brad Ferris

“It will be a staged approach to improving access to Thurgoona … which has been identified as a high demand area with our rate of growth in that area at the moment.”

The roundabouts on Thurgoona Drive at Elizabeth Mitchell Drive and Kerr Road will also be upgraded in coming financial years.

The cost of the project has been offset by $104,000 from the NSW government but the allocation must be spent before June 30.

The contract duration is 14 weeks, but AP Delaney and Co. has indicated it can finish the job in a shorter timeframe.

“Thurgoona Drive is a major entrance and a major challenge from a traffic perspective,” Mr Ferris said.

“The traffic modelling we've been undertaking with RMS is due for completion over the next four to eight weeks.

“From that we will be able to then develop a transport strategy for the entire city.

“But the Thurgoona Road interchange will play a major part.”

Cr David Thurley said he had experienced first hand the traffic issues at the soon to be upgraded intersection.

“It is a difficult intersection because of B-Doubles coming out of the truck stop,” he said.

“On a few occasions I've seen traffic banked back to almost the lights on Wagga Road.

“It can also be quite dangerous with trucks and other vehicles coming from Catherine Crescent on the other side.

“It's something we need to get on and do.”