Gardiner Pittard Building repairs due for completion

The BHS wing.
The BHS wing.

Patients are expected to return to Ballarat Base Hospital’s newest wing by the end of May after a mechanical fault forced its closure late last month. 

The fault in the basement of the Gardiner Pittard Building caused minor flooding, which shorted the power switchboard, Ballarat Health Services chief executive officer Dale Fraser said. 

All the costs of the repair have been covered by insurance. 

Mr Fraser said works to repair the switchboard were underway, and the building is expected to be fully occupied by the end of May. 

The power outage resulted in 25 patients from the Gardiner-Pittard Building being temporarily relocated to to the Henry Bolte wing, without interruption to the provision of patient care or services.

This story Hospital wing full by end of month first appeared on The Courier.