Ice rip off ends in bashing and break-in

A DRUG deal that backfired set off a chain of events where a dealer was bundled into the back of a car, led to a quiet spot and bashed before having his property knocked off.

Daniel Cameron has been jailed for six months for his role in the violent altercation, which started after a $600 meth deal went sour.

The victim had sourced the drug – said to be a “half ball” of about 1.5 grams – for a woman.

But after getting the “ice”, the woman smoked it and immediately realised it was nothing but cutting agent. 

The supplier was told to get into a car by a group, including Cameron, and was led out to a dirt road off the Bandiana Link Road.

He was assaulted and threatened with a meat tenderiser. Another man showed up and his car was taken, and the victim was forced to walk back to his house.

He found his TV, boxing gear, an iPad, guitar, shoes and his wallet had been stolen during a break-in, which was worth far more than the $600 worth of drugs said to have been ripped off.

The stolen property was later seized from Cameron’s on-again, off-again partner’s home and he was found hiding in a cupboard.

The woman was also a victim of Cameron’s violent outbursts, but supported him in court on Monday. 

The 34-year-old was using about $500 worth of ice a day before his arrest.

Magistrate Peter Mithen said it wasn’t the first time the unemployed Border man had been in trouble – he was first jailed as a teenager. 

He was sentenced to jail, to be followed by a corrections order. 

“It seems like a good job with hard work could satisfy all your issues,” Mr Mithen said. 

He told Cameron he was the only person who could turn his life around, before it was too late.