Border Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo’s Bingo is as crazy as it sounds – it is part bingo, bigger part dance and even bigger part party.

It started in England just a few years ago and following a record sell out in the less than five minutes for the first Australian shows, Bongo’s Bingo Down Under in back for another stint – with a Border bonus.

Bongo’s Bingo will be making a once-off, drive through appearance in Albury on Saturday, September 2 at the SS&A Club – the first regional appearance for Bongo’s Bingo Down Under.

Tickets for the SS&A Club show go on sale from 6pm, Thursday, August 10.

Bongo’s Bingo is unlike anything Australia has experienced before, a fun-loving party atmosphere with a touch of healthy competition that requires a wee bit of concentration and skill.

This rather chaotic and ironic version of the normally sedate game will have you up on your feet busting a move and keeling over in fits of laughter at the same time.

In just two years Bongo’s Bingo has become part of the UK’s cultural landscape, helping to re-shape how people choose to go out at night, and has been equally popular in international tours to Dubai and now in Australia.

The man behind the idea, Irishman Jonny Bongo, talked about the concept in a recent Sydney Morning Herald interview.

“I think people can be a bit bored with straightforward club nights,” Bongo says. 

“We brought in a lot of different elements like a rave, comedy, dancing, audience participation and loads of guilty pleasure music.”

It's still a bingo night, with numbers called and prizes won, ranging from a cruise to a box of Coco Pops and a pink fluffy unicorn, which has become the event's signature prize.

And people do take it seriously, Bongo says. One minute they're on the table dancing to Vengaboys; next minute you can hear a pin drop when he calls the next number.

The Lowdown

What: Bongo’s Bingo

When: September 2, SS&A Club Albury, 

Tickets: $50