Border recycling goes south, not north, says Albury mayor Kevin Mack

NOT OUR PROBLEM: Four Corner's investigates the big business of rubbish. Picture: SUPPLIED
NOT OUR PROBLEM: Four Corner's investigates the big business of rubbish. Picture: SUPPLIED

Albury mayor Kevin Mack is confident Border councils are not contributing to glass stockpiling in Queensland.

ABC revealed some glass given to be recycled was being stockpiled or sent to landfill.

Cleanaway collects waste on behalf of Albury, Wodonga, Greater Hume, Federation and Indigo councils.

Cr Mack said the company was operating legitimately but would make further inquiries to confirm the situation.

“I’m confident we are not part of the problem going on north of here,” he said.

“We’re comfortable with that at this point but also will be making enquiries to confirm and understand what that process looks like.

“We’ll do due diligence but we have no reason to doubt Cleanaway.

“Our recycling is going south – not north.”

Cr Mack said news about the storing practices was disappointing.

A Cleanaway spokesperson said all recycled material collected from across these areas was sent to accredited recycling facilities in Melbourne and Canberra. 

Wodonga council referred the matter to Cleanaway who said they were opening a facility in Albury this year. 

“We’re in the process of building a recycling facility in Albury, expected to be operational by late September, which will process paper and cardboard, metals and glass,” a spokesperson said.

“It will also have the ability to crush glass for use in other industries such as aggregates and abrasives.”

Cr Mack said it was important residents understood not all waste or recycling companies were doing the wrong thing.

“It creates a tendency to question people doing the right thing,” he said.

“I’m confident it’s being treated and recycled appropriately and I don’t believe Albury, Wodonga or any council that uses the service would be justified in saying it’s not the case.”