Cats ‘feline’ extremely special

Border cats were celebrated for International Cat Day on Tuesday. 

Merlin and Norah Jones, of the Thorneycroft family, received extra cuddles from their young owners Chelsea, 5, and Elijah, 2. 

Belinda Thorneycroft said the cats were adored.

“They’re a really important part of the family,” she said.

“We were warned British Shorthairs can be aloof and not friendly and when Merlin first saw my daughter he;s never seen a child before but within a couple of days he was trying to get into the bath with her.

“Cats are low maintenance and normally everything is on their terms but our cats like to be with us so we get the best of both worlds.”

Merlin often joins Mrs Thorneycroft during weekend shifts at the emergency veterinary clinic and helps cheer up sick animals.