Riverina Albury Dance Ensemble prepares for 2017 NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival

SOME Border school dancers are fine-tuning their routine after being selected for a Sydney showcase next month.

The Riverina Albury Dance Ensemble senior group auditioned successfully for the 2017 NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival, a week-long event involving more than 1500 participants.

The students will perform their dance Those Who Speak Out at the Seymour Centre on September 12.

Two ensemble members, Laura Bunn, of James Fallon High School, and Albury High School’s Sophie Dawson, have also been accepted into the State Dance Ensemble and will perform with that group at the festival and the Schools Spectacular in November.

Riverina Albury Dance Ensemble is a public education initiative of three auditioned groups that meet weekly for classes and are choreographed by Katrina Joss and Claire Hemsley.

Ensemble manager Amanda Elder said selection for the NSW festival was a significant achievement for all the dancers.

“We’re just so proud of them, obviously, because it’s not easy to get in and it’s a great experience,” she said.