Drug-driver 'stupid'

Drug-driver Nathan Kane Roberts and the magistrate agreed on one salient point.

His brainlessness.

It was the first question Tony Murray put to the 35-year-old when he fronted Albury Local Court this week.

A smiling, somewhat jovial Roberts was quick to reply when Mr Murray asked why he would drive with both cannabis and methamphetamine in his system.

“Stupidity, your honour.”

And then came the response that, for a very brief moment, had defendant and the judicial system on the same page.

“Well, that’s probably true,” Mr Murray responded, before pointing out again Robert’s concise summing-up of what he had done.

Roberts, of York Place, Glenroy, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle with an illicit drug present in his blood.

The charge was a second-tier offence, as Roberts had an identical conviction from a few years ago.

The court was told how one thing in Roberts’ favour was that there were no aggravating factors in his driving with his latest offending, as he was detected during a routine police check.

It was about 2.30am on April 30 that Roberts’ station wagon was stopped by police in Mate Street, Albury.

Roberts was given both a random breath test to see if he had been drinking alcohol and then a drug test.

The breath test was negative.

But the oral fluid test was positive to cannabis and methamphetamine.

Roberts was arrested so a second drug test could be done at the Albury police station.

The court heard that a sample sent to the NSW Forensic and Analytical Science Service confirmed the presence of the two drugs, which Mr Murray commented was an aggravating factor.

But before he left the station that night, police asked Roberts why he had been taking drugs.

His explanation was that he was using cannabis “all the time” but “only uses methamphetamine every two or three weeks”.

Roberts was convicted and fined $900 and disqualified from holding a driver’s licence for nine months.