Licence bid goes up in pot smoke

A DRUG driver who claimed to have distanced himself from cannabis has failed to get his licence back after admitting to smoking recently.

Scott Anthony McDowell applied in the Wodonga Magistrates Court to have his licence reinstated this week.

He had his first hearing in June and provided three drug-test results to the court, which were positive.

He told the court he had stopped using, but then said he had last had a smoke at a party 13 days earlier.

Magistrate Peter Mithen said it was too much of a risk to give him back his licence.

“If you’re using a drug 13 days ago … I’m not going to put someone back on the road where I’m fairly certain a further offence is going to occur,” he said. 

“You’re not ready to go, it’s a simple as that.

“I’m not going to sit with the risk on my head of putting other people at risk on the road.”