Backyard gum tree falls in East Albury

FOUR State Emergency Service volunteers spent two hours late Friday afternoon cutting and clearing an eight-metre gum tree that fell on a backyard shed in East Albury.

Albury SES community engagement officer Tim Keown said the tree had fallen at the Alexandra Street property overnight.

“It was partially resting on another tree on the fence and on the shed that seemed to have absorbed the weight,” he said.

The tree had snapped at the base and had to be propped up during cutting to avoid any further damage.

“We cut the tree and just cleared it on to the resident’s property, they were happy to keep it for firewood,” Mr Keown said. “It was a very solid piece of wood.”

Albury SES advised people to be wary of backyard trees, particularly gums.

“At the moment with the wet grounds and strong winds, it’s more likely to be getting trees down,” Mr Keown said.

“It’s not common to have them sitting up in the air like that.”