Mandy Martyn makes bid to have case heard in a different court

Mandy Martyn
Mandy Martyn

A WOMAN accused of terrorising neighbours and others in the North East has asked for her matter to be transferred to Shepparton so it can be heard in the Koori Court.

Mandy Martyn, 50, was calmer during her appearance in the Wodonga Magistrates Court on Monday, following a foul-mouthed and erratic hearing last week following her arrest.

She was represented by lawyer Mario Vaccaro, who told her to quieten down after interjecting in the proceedings.

Martyn, who has previously been named the killer of Myrtleford toddler Daniel Thomas in 2003 by a coroner, is accused of ramming her car into another vehicle near Wangaratta on August 4 last year.

Police described her driving as “dangerous and unpredictable”, and said she had gotten out of the car and verbally abused the victim.

She is also accused of abusing neighbours and damaging property, and driving a car with false plates when she was arrested in Kiewa.

It’s alleged Martyn also entered a man’s home in McGaffin Court in Wodonga on January 27 and screamed at him as he laid on a mattress.

Martyn allegedly threw him onto a Holden Commodore in the front yard, grabbed his head and eye gouged him.

As she was leaving, police alleged she performed burnouts and drove dangerously while sticking her finger up at the victim.

A Wodonga police prosecutor had opposed moving the matter over to Shepparton.

“It’s inappropriate,” he told magistrate Peter Mithen.

“She doesn’t live in that region, and the offending was in the North East.”

Mr Vaccaro said the Thoona woman would agree with the allegations if she fronted the Koori Court, which is a specialised division for Aboriginal offenders.

During her hearing last Thursday, Martyn said she didn't believe in “white man law" and described the allegations against her as “all crap".

Mr Mithen said the rules about who was eligible to have matters heard before the court had softened in recent years. 

He said Martyn's case would be transferred to the Shepparton Magistrates Court, with the court to assess whether she was suitable for the Koori hearing.  

“Whether it goes to the Koori Court is a matter for consideration after that hearing,” he said. 

She must front the court on September 25.