An exciting season ahead

G’day fishos! 

It might have been a miserable week but at least we’re not getting those bitterly cold days any more… well, I hope we don’t anyway.

That degree or two can make all the difference to water temperature and that can make all the difference to a couple of species of fish becoming active and having a crack.

It’s nearly yellowbelly time.

I’m positive that the next two or three weeks will see us talking all things yellowbelly as they wake up from the temperature induced coma they’ve been in for the last few months.

Not sure if it’s because of fisho numbers or maybe the water’s a degree warmer coming down the Murray compared to the Mitta but most of our early season reports from Lake Hume revolve around the Talgarno, Wymah, Granya area.

This might also have to do with the amount of access there is to the lake up that way compared to the Tallangatta arm, either way both those shallower upper reaches seem to be a pretty good barometer for the “start of the yella season”

I’m also sure there’s a couple of other factors involved.

Footy season has just finished for many, freeing up the weekend to do family stuff like taking everyone up for a barbecue on the bank and throwing in a line while the sun’s shining.

It’s a bit of a cycle really, the more people that do it, the more lines in the water, more fish get caught, more stories circulate and then more people do the barbecue/fishing thing.

A pretty nice cycle to have, I think the world could do with a few more family fishing/barbecue days.

Mark your calendar

Just a quick “save the date” reminder too.

The weekend of October 14 and 15 is a busy one with a couple of options.

There’s the Dartmouth Dam Trolling Tournament which actually runs from Friday, October 13 until the Sunday.

Entries for this close September 30, so get online and chase that up or contact Ron Paine on 0409 148 690 for more details.

The Leigh Martin Marine Mercury Classic Lake Hume is on the 14th and 15th as well, and with over $50,000 in prizes to be won I’m sure it’ll be another fantastic event!

A pretty nice cycle to have, I think the world could do with a few more family fishing/barbecue days.

Russell Mason

Entry forms are at all tackle stores.

The third event on the same weekend is theGone Fishing Day which is a family and fisho oriented event to help promote fishing generally.

This is being held at Noreuil Park in Albury on Sunday the 15th.

It should be a great event to help educate the kids, or adults who are just getting into fishing or aren’t having a lot of luck when they do go out.

Would you like to show off the one that didn’t get away?

Send your fishing photos, along with a few details, to 0475 947 279 or 0475 953 605.