It’s a huge 8.8 star energy rating for the Alatalo Bros Enviro 9 display home in Thurgoona

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The Alatalo Bros Enviro 9 display home will be open this Sunday (September 17)  between 10am and 4pm

The Alatalo Bros Enviro 9 display home will be open this Sunday (September 17) between 10am and 4pm

Alatalo Bros has upped the ante on sustainable living with the opening of the Enviro 9 display home in Thurgoona which boasts an 8.8 star energy rating.

The home packs an incredible range of environmentally clever features and it will be open this Sunday between 10am and 4pm at 104 Stockman Circuit in  Thurgoona.

Sales manager Michelle Brown said she believed Alatalo Bros were the only builders on the border to offer the 8.8 rating.

“We encourage our clients to discuss the benefits of adding some, or all, of the energy efficient products we have used in our display home, when we are designing and pricing a new home.  

“People need to be thinking of the long term live-ability of the home: with utility prices only going up the energy efficiency of your home should be one of the most important things to think about.”

The Enviro 9 has been designed to suit the block of land and to maximise the northern aspect for winter sun and the eastern aspect for morning sun and alfresco living in summer. 

A standout feature is the double glazed uPVC windows which are used throughout. They are made locally by Ultimate Windows using green solar energy. They have a 20mm air gap between the low E glass with U value 1.8 compared to standard single glazed aluminium windows being 6.5 and double glazed aluminium being 4.0.

“As a result this home will need seven times less heating and two times less cooling compared to a standard home.”

Insulation has been well considered by using the maximum components possible. The ceiling has two layers of Earthwool batts (total R value 7.0) and also a 55mm blanket under roof iron with a R value of 1.4.

“We believe that this home is the best insulated display home in Victoria and we hope to encourage more people to build well insulated homes, not only for comfort and wellbeing, but to beat rising energy prices and to minimise the home’s carbon footprint for the next 100 years,” said Michelle.

Other features include LED lighting, locally made kitchen cabinetry, natural wool and allergy friendly carpets and water wise landscaped gardens. 

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Other features:


LED lighting used throughout the home with LED strip lighting also used in kitchen cabinetry. Plenty of light switches to allow for flexibility with the amount of light used. Added lamps in all rooms for controlling light use and need. Extra Light between to south facing bathroom and central WC is borrowed with an internal glass highlight window.

Kitchen and Cabinetry

All cabinetry and the kitchen are designed and made locally at Flair Cabinets who manufacture all their products using green solar energy with a 100kw solar system. Baumatic Appliances with multiple function options and features are used to allow for better options for controlling the changing needs for use to save energy and water.

Floor coverings

The laminate flooring is made in Europe by Quickstep, who take serious steps to showcase environmental responsibility in manufacturing and recycling. They use recycled materials in the process and also provide a VOC free click system for installing the floor. Therefore it can be also moved and re-used elsewhere if desired. Natural Wool carpet is used in the lounge room, well known for its many features and benefits as well as keeping cool at summer and warm at winter, and for being a solid, durable and a renewable resource.

Unique and certified asthma and allergy friendly Brease carpet is used elsewhere. This carpet is mold and mildew free and made with fibres that do not shed into the air or host dust mites. The carpet is also treated to absorb VOCs in the air for better air quality in the home.  It has a 15 year warranty and is exclusive to Choices Flooring.

Window dressings

On the north side natural sheer linen curtains made locally by AS Interiors were used to allow winter sun to filter through, yet protecting the privacy. In the bedrooms innovative cordless child safe venetian blinds accurately control the amount of light let in.

Furniture and interiors

An important part of designing a home is the interior. Most of the furniture and interior items in this display home are sourced and purchased locally and many items are also re-used. This home features several local creatives and small local businesses and their line of products available locally (Kat and Fox, Nikki Scott photography, Tribe Interiors, MetalTech, Pour mes amis, Home Inspirations).


An edible herb garden was built within the BBQ area and a local landscaper Stuart Stanley built up the gardens using local stones with water wise and native plants sourced locally. The beautiful steel magpies on the yard are made by local graphic artists at MetalTech.