LLS, Landcare conference puts climate change on agenda

Holbrook sheep producer Richard Bull ensured climate change was on the public agenda when he called out skeptics during closing remarks at the NSW Landcare and Local Land Services annual conference in Albury on Friday.

Mr Bull, who is LLS chair, and a member of the Murray LLS board, referred to opening day guest speaker, science commentator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, when he said people power needed to prevail to secure a sustainable agriculture future.

“We’ve got to deal with climate change,” Mr Bull said.

“I think it’s time, and Dr Karl mentioned this, it’s time to call out the climate deniers and for the communities to take ownership of this issue.

“Together we will succeed …together as a group of people that fundamentally love Landcare, love our landscapes and want to improve them, then it’s very important that we, not only Landcare and LLS, but community right through NSW, work together.”

“It’s going to be a great journey.”

Landcare NSW chair Rob Dulhunty said successful partnerships and ability to share the success stories would remain key to a sustainable future.

“We need to tell our stories better,” he said, “We’ve got a lot to learn from the traditional owners in telling our stories.”

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