Banned drivers can now apply to have licence returned in NSW

NEW RULES IN FORCE: NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman
NEW RULES IN FORCE: NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman

DRIVERS banned from the roads in NSW can now apply to have their disqualifications overturned under new laws.

The state government has introduced a raft of changes which Attorney General Mark Speakman said would clamp down on repeat offenders and dangerous drivers.

The habitual offender scheme, which saw drivers banned from the roads for lengthy periods, has been abolished.

From Monday, banned drivers who have not committed offences for a certain period can apply in court to have their disqualification overturned.

Those convicted of certain offences, including murder or manslaughter caused by a motor vehicle, driving causing death or grievous bodily harm, negligent driving and failing to stop and assist after an incident, cannot apply.

Mr Speakman said the changes also gave police power to crack down on people who flout the law and incentives for disqualified drivers to do the right thing.