Lovers of the American muscle car, the Ford Mustang, descend on Wodonga for a weekend celebration of their favourite automobile

MUSTANG owners proudly displayed their cars in Wodonga on Sunday, but despite its azure colour one was not quite true blue, so to speak.

Mick Donohue had his 1965 convertible looking immaculate, but was a bit wary when asked how it acquired the blue hue to its bodywork.

“I’ll get shot for this, it’s actually a Toyota colour, the original colour was Springtime Yellow,” he said.

“My neighbour across the road actually bought a new Toyota with the colour and I liked it and went over and got the colour number.”

The retired army instructor spent $50,000 to restore the car which he imported to Wodonga from California at a cost of $23,000.

The left-hand drive has been swapped to right-hand drive with power steering installed and its then hand-painted black colour stripped in favour of blue to match its upholstery shade. 

Although the convertible has been to a number of car shows since its rebuild was completed in 2012, it was making its debut at Mustangs on the Murray.

The weekend marked the second annual staging of the event which is an initiative of members of the Mustang Owners Club of Australia.

About 30 models of the Ford-linked vehicles, dating from the 1964 to the current day, were displayed at Junction Place on Sunday.

They been on a cruise to Lake Hume on Saturday.

Club events co-ordinator Tony Borg, a 1966 GT Mustang owner, said members from Sydney and Melbourne had participated.

Mr Donohue said: “I think it’s good to get the Melbourne people up to see what we’ve got around the area and I’m saying that as a non-local, someone who wasn’t born here.”