YOU SAY: Enforcing parking fines is not making it any safer

I must remember to send my insurance claim form through to the Wodonga City Council because it is only a matter of time before someone runs up my backside, hits me head on or sideswipes my car.

I would like to know what bright spark at the Council came up with the idea of fining drivers for parking on the nature strip in Kendall Street, therefore forcing them to park on the street.

Not happy: Wodonga Swtichboard Manufacturers owner Peter Russell with one of the infringement notices put on his workers' vehicles last month.

Not happy: Wodonga Swtichboard Manufacturers owner Peter Russell with one of the infringement notices put on his workers' vehicles last month.

This is an industrial area that is frequented by freight trucks, cattle trucks, B doubles, Cleanaway vehicles and tradies.

Negotiating this area, going to and from work in Kane Road, has just been made harder. Maybe worth a rethink?

Trina Adams, Wodonga

Tilley out of touch

Well done to the Andrews government on the passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill. 

If this decision was up to Bill Tilley, it would never have happened.

Let us only hope now that the Andrews government can bring on the safe drug-injecting room trial.

The trial needs to go ahead to ensure the humane management of the many lives which could be lost and afflicted by this terrible addiction because if it were up to Bill Tilley, it will never happen. 

It seems Mr Tilley can only argue on fear and exaggerations and he really does not reflect our values as an electorate any more. He is a dinosaur in his attitudes in this progressive electorate of which we can well do without. 

Kevin De La Torre, Staghorn Flat

We are so grateful

As the chair of the Albury Christian Education Association (ACEA), my role is to support Special Religious Education (Scripture) in the three public high schools of Albury.

But this letter has a different aim.

On behalf of the ACEA committee, I would like to take the opportunity to express how grateful we are to the communities of each school we serve – Albury High School, James Fallon High School, and Murray High School.

It’s wonderful to see how many people are dedicated to each school, cooperating and using a vast range of skills for the sake of every single student.

This letter is to say that it is our privilege and joy to play a small part, through providing Scripture classes for years 7-9.

We hope that the whole Border region can join us in thankfulness.

Mike Wong, Chairperson, Albury Christian Education Association

Power of the people

The situation on Manus Island is highly distressing and my office has understandably been receiving a high number of calls and emails asking for me to “do something”.

My call to the government for a more humane approach has been clear. Sadly, until the government and the ALP change their policy, nothing will change. There is no balance of power when the two major parties are in agreement.

I encourage people to contact government and ALP members of parliament including senators and ask: “What would it take to change your mind on this issue?” In the meantime I will continue to send to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition the many heartfelt messages from across my electorate calling for compassion.

Cathy McGowan, Independent member for Indi