Hoons' actions deplorable

IT truly does beggar belief why these fools do what they do, with absolutely no consideration of anyone else.

We are of course referring to the idiots who have once again gone on their mindless hoon rampage at Albury’s Glenmorus Gardens cemetery.

This comes just months after a similar display following the death of a man in a fatal single car crash in East Albury.

That lot certainly didn’t try to hide their antics; video was taken of them doing their perverse tribute to the late Shaun Crighton immediately after his burial.

Not only did they leave behind skid marks on the road. In many ways what was worse was the total lack of respect for the families who have loved ones buried in the cemetery.

When that happened, the outcry was swift and damning.

And you would have thought that that alone would have been enough to deter any copycat behaviour.

But unfortunately that has not turned out to be the case.

It appears that idiocy is trait shared by others in the Border community, given what has yet again taken place at Glenmorus Gardens.

The estimated damage bill for the latest round of burnouts is in the region of $20,000, given that the surface where the skid marks have been made must be replaced.

Police quite rightly described these actions as “extremely disappointing” and something that no one should expect to happen in a public place.

Albury councillor Henk van de Ven was probably even more to the point, describing the incident as “really stupid”.

As he said, “it’s very disrespectful of this place” and certainly not the way to express their grief. Beyond the damage done, it is unfortunate that it might result in Albury Council deciding to install CCTV cameras to prevent or detect future incidents.

It would be better if this was not needed, but that is the corner into which the council has been shoved. While not substantial, it is still a cost that would have to be borne by ratepayers.

Another negative to come out of this whole debacle is the possibility of the cemetery being closed-off  at certain times.

None of this needed have happened but it all did because of some idiots with no respect for the wider community.

We can only hope that the police are able to arrest and prosecute these people so they can be brought to account for what they did.