Short Stack - This Is Bat Country (Universal)

MY haven’t these Short Stack boys grown up in the space of two albums.

Resplendent with their new mature-ish haircuts, the Sydney trio are likely to engage a mature-ish audience.

The songwriting talent is here in spades as the trio shed its emo puppy fat and deliver modern rock anthems spliced with pure pop pleasure.

If you’ve heard the lead-off single Planets or the triumphant newie We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey, you’ll get the picture pronto.

The brilliantly-titled Heartbreak Made Me A Killer is electronic rock with a retro twist while the moody title track is certain to be a fan favourite.

Wendy is the record’s token power ballad and isn’t without a little Oasis influence while the string-laden Werewolves (reborn from the Stack Is The New Black sessions) is also strong.

RATING: ★★★½

IN SHORT: Evolved

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