Analogue TVs pile up at dump

HUNDREDS of televisions have been dumped at rubbish tips with more expected to pile up over the weekend following yesterday’s analogue switch-off.

Wodonga Council waste management co-ordinator David Pinder said the city’s transfer station had been inundated with televisions in the lead-up to the switch-over.

He said the station was taking about 2.5 tonnes a month of electronic waste, including TVs, last year but that had almost doubled to 4.7 tonnes a month at current rates.

“It’s been going a bit crazy, we’ve been noticing quite a dramatic increase in televisions,” he said.

“Traditionally, you’d get the old battered up things that didn’t work any more, but what we’re getting now is quite a percentage of units that otherwise, if it wasn’t for the analogue switch-off, we probably wouldn’t be getting.

“In the last six months the majority of units we’re getting are still functioning and people are just upgrading.”

Mr Pinder said the dumped televisions would now be dismantled and recycled.

“At the moment there’s very little demand for them, we have a re-use shop at our transfer station but we almost can’t even give them away,” he said.

But Mr Pinder said he still expected an unusual number of televisions to be received at the transfer station for several months.

“We do anticipate that perhaps in about six months that might start to drop away again.”

Albury Council waste management team leader Andrea Baldwyn said up to five tonnes of televisions had been received at its Lavington dump since just before Easter.

Ms Baldwyn said householders could bring their televisions to the waste management centre for free and council would send it to Kalianna, which provides work for people with a disability, to be dismantled.

Upper Murray digital switchover liaison officer Sarah Moloney said yesterday’s switchover was an important milestone.

“It’s quite an exciting time ... most people in towns are really positive about the new channels and the better picture and sound quality.”

Anyone experiencing problems with digital reception should call 1800 20 10 13 for help.

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