Sheets out in abortion face-off

FIRST it was umbrellas, now pro-choice demonstrators at Albury’s abortion clinic have a new weapon to block video cameras used by a right-to-life group to film those in the area.

Yesterday a blue bed sheet, mounted with wooden poles and with the words “Privacy Is A Right”, was held in front of a camera which sat in a car across the road from the Englehardt Street centre.

The new technique follows comments from a member of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants this month, who said their camera was often able to see past protesters holding umbrellas and placards when they lost concentration.

The pro-choice say the camera is meant to intimidate women visiting the clinic and make them feel like they are being observed.

It is a view Wodonga activist Kieran Bennett said was shared by the “majority of the community”, many of whom beeped their car horns in support as they drove past the gathering yesterday.

While men and women of all ages have joined both sides of the abortion protest in the past months, yesterday it was three men who made up a small pro-choice contingent.

Mr Bennett said it was interesting those who came out to support a women’s right to choose to have an abortion were male.

“Feminism and women’s rights is something that has broad support across the community these days,” he said.

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