Kids 'off their face'

Cr Daryl Betteridge
Cr Daryl Betteridge
Daniel Gibson.

Daniel Gibson.

NEWSREADER Daniel Gibson has taken to Twitter to voice his observations on Albury nightlife.

The Prime anchor, who lives in Canberra, was on the Border to present the 2011 Chambers of Commerce Business Awards on Friday night.

But it was what he saw on his way home that really surprised him.

“Just walked back in Albury after gig. Glad im no longer part of the drinking pub-going crowd. Too young & just want to fight these days!” he wrote.

“And they dont look old enough to drive some of them! maybe im just getting old but these kids looked very young. 10.30pm & off their face!”

Gibson did not want to elaborate on his tweets yesterday.

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Albury Liquor Accord chairman Daryl Betteridge said Gibson’s comments were “ill-informed”.

"Daniel Gibson has made, I believe, an ill-informed, emotive comment on twitter," Cr Betteridge said.

"He's entitled to his opinions but was anyone arrested? Were there any reports to police about anti-social behaviour?

"It's possible it was just young men being loud, young men being boisterous and I don’t think you’re ever going to stop that.”

Cr Betteridge said the Accord was “comfortable” with the state of the cities streets.

“Outgoing Albury police superintendent Gary Commins made the comment that Albury is one of the safest cities in NSW and that is supported by decreasing incidents of alcohol-fuelled violence,” Cr Betteridge said.

“This is a man with 40-odd years’ experience in policing, so I would take his word above that of a newsreader who is based in Canberra.

Mr Betteridge said Gibson’s comment that maybe he was “just getting old” was perhaps more accurate.

Gibson is 39.

“That’s probably a very good observation on his part because I look at young people today and think, god, you’re young but they might be 20 or 21,” Mr Betteridge said.

“As you get older, people do look younger.

“And probably a man of his age shouldn’t wish to go out into that environment because he could well be perceived as too old.”