New ramp raises spirits

ENTERING the school library is something most students would not think twice about, but for Tim Bushnell it has been a source of frustration.

The Wodonga Senior Secondary College year 11 student, who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, had been only able to enter the library through a side ramp.

“It wasn’t very pleasant because the door wasn’t always open, so I had to get my friends to help me,” Tim, 17, said.

Now though Tim can roll through the front door via a new ramp that was installed after an 18-month campaign.

“I feel ecstatic because I can go through the front entrance of the building and not the back,” he said.

School principal Vern Hilditch said the library was opened in the 1970s when disabled access was not a priority.

In addition to his mother Tanya, Tim was joined by his stepfather Jason Cox and sisters Samantha, 18, and Krychelle, 20, for yesterday’s official opening.