Kilted canines give Celtic tick at Beechworth

BEECHWORTH’S Celtic Festival on Saturday welcomed all creatures, great and small.

Eight dogs joined the festival’s Ford Street parade — two in kilts, drawing laughs and applause from the crowd.

GALLERY: Click or flick across the above photo for more pictures, including the kilted pooches.

Following the pair was a “huge giant” Irish wolfhound, deliberately placed at the back so as to not startle the smaller canines.

Carole O’Neill’s West Highland white terriers Bridie and Finbar, from Beechworth, were dressed in tartan bows and Scottish hats.

“They certainly love going for a walk,” Ms O’Neill said.

“There were a few noises when the pipe band started but they settled into it.”

The dogs were allowed to join in because of their Celtic roots.

Legend has it the white “westies” were bred for hunting by a Scottish colonel after he mistook one of his darker dogs as a fox and shot it.

Mrs O’Neill said Bridie and Finbar had helped her meet people.

“It’s amazing how many people give them a pat and talk to you,” Ms O’Neill said.

“They’re a conversation starter.”

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