Game over: Hall's Rovers lose to Fev, Yarrawonga

Barry Hall is now a proud Rover.
Barry Hall is now a proud Rover.

THOUSANDS flocked into W.J. Findlay Oval to see Yarrawonga and Wangaratta Rovers clash on Sunday.

Former AFL stars Barry Hall (Rovers) and Brendan Fevola (Pigeons) were the main attractions.

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Hall looks very disappointed but he gave a decent showing, kicking 4.3. Fevola did exactly the same, also kicking 4.3.

GAME OVER: That's it, Yarrawonga wins 56-71 in a low-scoring but tough, hard-fought game of O&M footy. 

28.00 QTR4: GOAL, GOAL! Unfortunately for Rovers, Hall's fourth, which came via a possibly lucky free-kick, followed a goal from Ednie. Margin remains the same.

24:00 QTR4: GOAL! Barry butters up by chipping inside 50 to a teammate who slotted the goal. 46-64 but time probably the enemy for Rovers.

21.00 QTR4: GOAL! Fev raises his hands in celebration after kicking a magnificent (albeit slightly fortunate) goal from more than 50m out. That came after Hall missed what he should have kicked from a set shot. Yarra leads 40-63

19.00 QTR4: GOAL! Fev weaves some magic at half-forward, kicks long and Craig Ednie takes a typically crafty mark on the goal line. He goals and puts Yarra up by 18 points.

17.00 QTR4: GOAL! After a couple of failed thrusts fwd by Rovers, Yarra go up the other end and stretch the lead to 13 points. Game on the brink...

11.00 QTR: Oh dear, anger here with Rovers gun Karl Norman sent from the ground for 15mins for an alleged strike. Norman shocked, locals furious, Rovers now down to 17 men on the field. That makes it tough!

6.00 QTR4: GOAL! Yarra hits the front thanks to Craig Ednie. The Pigeons are looking very dangerous when they go forward now... Pigeons up 44-39

3.00 QTR4: Rovers miss a gettable set shot and pay a big price as the ball rebounds to the other end and the Pigeons GOAL! Rovers by a point!

3-QTR-TIME: And that's the way the scores remain. Game certainly in the balance and wouldn't be surprised if a team breaks the shackles and piles on a few goals as both teams get tired after a very physical encounter.

26.00 QTR3: Rovers hit the lead after Barry Hall kicks his third to give the Rovers a 5.8 (38) to 4.8 (32) lead. 

16.00 QTR3: SCORES LEVEL! A couple scuffles breaking out and a couple of Rovers goals, including a ripper to Hall (2). 4.7 (31) each with plenty of spite now.

14.00 QTR3: One goal each, including a third to Fev. Yarra 31 to WR 19

5.00 QTR3: Fev and Barry have missed two very gettable set shots.

Why the low scores? Well, it's a beautiful day, so maybe some nerves in front of this big crowd, which has been pretty quiet.

HALF-TIME: A short quarter there, courtesy of only one goal being scored. Yarrawonga with a handy lead 3.5 (23) to Rovers 1.6 (12).

22.00 QTR 2: GOAL! Fev breaks the deadlock with a nice set shot goal, his second. 

15.00 QTR 2: Still no score change, Rovers are a bit Barry Hall-centric at the moment. And as I type, Hall takes a leading mark, but misses the set shot.

QTR 2 12mins:  A very dour affair here. WR 1.5 (11) Yarra 2.5 (17)

It seems we've been on delay with some tech issues, probably caused by the large amount of people here. Apologies, but we're in QTR 2, still no further goals.

21.00 QTR 1: Ooo Fev has collided with a goal post after chasing a loose ball into the goal square. The ball too a leg break for a rushed behind and Fev left the goalpost shaking - appears to be okay though.

18.00 QTR 1: GOAL! Barry Hall is on the board, and so are the Rovers, after the big man took a strong mark and converted.

16.00 QTR 1: Barry Hall gets a couple of great opportunities but spills two easy marks.

14.00 QTR 1: GOAL! Connor Hargreaves slots one from a similar position to Fev. WR 0.3 (3) to Yarra 2.1 (13)

11.00 QTR 1: GOAL! Pigeon skipper finds Fevola with a short pass in the same pocket, but this time Fev nails his very tricky set shot. SCORE: WR 0.3 Yarra 1.1 (7)

10.00 QTR 1: Rovers score a scrappy behind but Yarra quickly runs the ball out of defence.

8.00 QTR1: Fevola takes the first inside 50 mark of the day, but he's very wide in the Norms Minns Oval pocket and he registers a behind. SCORE: one point apiece.

GAME ON: The siren blows with Fevola and Hall both starting in the square.