Stories with a vital message

THEY are tragic experiences of road trauma that change lives; the police officer who holds a dying teenager in her arms, the parent who still asks themselves why they allowed their daughter to make that first, and ultimately fatal, road trip.

Their stories are powerful reminders of why the promotion of road safety is so important.

Yesterday, year 10 and 11 students took part in the first Road Safety Roadshow at the Albury PCYC, hearing the messages from a road trauma survivor, paramedics and police, as well as having the opportunity to feel what it is like to lose control of a vehicle, albeit in the safety of a gymnasium.

Tonight, the acclaimed Wodonga young driver education program Cool Heads delivers its message to another group of young people and their parents at La Trobe University.

The purpose is not simply to shock young people with the graphic nature of their stories; it’s to offer a realistic view of how a road crash will take young lives, leave others with lifelong injuries and have a profound impact upon victims, their loved ones and the emergency services personnel who respond.

These stories must be heard by all those who take to our roads.