Granya House gone

GRANYA House will close within a month unless new owners can be found.

Faith City Church shut the centre in May to review its operation but has now decided to end its association with it.

Together with Albury-Wodonga and Regional Community Care, Faith City had operated the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for a decade, catering for up to 30 men with drug or alcohol addictions.

The Back To Reality Foundation, a former owner, is prepared to join a community campaign to buy the property and restart its work.

Otherwise, Granya House is likely to be sold.

Former director Anne Newton, whose retirement this year prompted the Faith City review, has pledged to return to the role.

“There is still a huge need for rehabs in our region,” she said. “I feel sad what has happened at Granya House.

“The Albury-Wodonga community has suffered a huge loss because of it.

“I tried to get someone into rehab last week but they said not until March.

“We have a bigger drug problem in the region than people realise and we need to find some solutions.”

Albury-Wodonga and Regional Community Care holds the Granya House title and it handed responsibility for rehabilitation programs to Faith City.

Former Faith City pastor Warren McMartin, a passionate supporter, retired last year.

It costs more than $100,000 a year to run Granya House. An annual drug run, usually held in August, has raised more than $50,000 of that in the past but the run was not held this year.

Faith City pastor Michael Geerling yesterday said his church had “other avenues to reach people” in need of the help Granya provided.

“We started the restructure in May to look at setting it up for best potential in the future,” he said.

“We have got to the point where it is not part of our strategic plan.”

Albury-Wodonga Community Care bought Granya House from the Back To Reality Foundation in 2003.

The property, 40 kilometres east of Albury-Wodonga, formerly was the Granya Hotel.

Ms Newton said she would look at other options if Granya House had to be sold.

“I just feel sad it is the end of that era,” she said.

“If there can’t be another Granya House, I am sure there can be something else we can do to offer some hope to these people.”

Granya House.

Granya House.