'Disturbing': Teen dad runs amok

A WEST Albury youth described by a magistrate as being out of control has been sentenced to an 18-month control order for a crime spree over several months.

The youth will serve a minimum of nine months in custody for breaching bonds, community service orders and suspended sentences for breaking into schools, houses and repeated car theft matters.

Just two months and eight days after he was sentenced in July, the youth by his own admission “ran amok” and broke into a football club, school and committed various driving offences.

He was taken to the Albury police station on October 11 by his mother.

The youth, 17, who recently became a father, told police in a frank admission that he would continue committing crimes until he was locked up.

He has been in custody since his arrest that day and becomes eligible for release on July 10 next year.

“This is a really disturbing course of conduct by you,” magistrate Megan Greenwood told the youth in Albury Children’s Court.

“You strike me as being a little bit out of control.”

Ms Greenwood was told the youth, who turns 18 next year, has a 10-week-old daughter.

“You owe it to her to be the best possible father you can,” Ms Greenwood said.

“If you do not like it now, it will be 100 times worse in an adult prison.”

Ms Greenwood said the sentencing emphasis was on rehabilitation because of the youth’s age.

It was the youth’s idea to break into the Jindera Football Club on October 6 after he had committed previous theft offences there.

He was accompanied by four associates and they stole a case of rum, a slab of UDL cans and beer.

The youth stole a Suzuki Swift vehicle from Jindera and broke into the Trinity Anglican College canteen on October 7.

He committed a variety of traffic offences including running red lights in Albury in the stolen vehicle.

Some of his previous offences included a break-in at the Culcairn Football Club and a spate of damage at Billabong High School.