Police Taser man, 55, after violent struggle

A Taser and capsicum spray have been used to restrain a 55-year-old man who threw a police officer through the glass of a shop window in Sydney's west.

A fight between two men outside a kebab shop in Lakemba on Wednesday night quickly spiralled out of control when police tried to intervene just before midnight.

Three officers initially found one of the men sitting on the footpath on Haldon Street with a bloodied face. While they were helping him, he pointed out the whereabouts of the other man involved in the fight, a police spokesman said.

When they approached him, the second man became aggressive and pushed a male probationary constable, with less than one year's experience in the force, through the glass shop window, causing it to shatter.

The probationary constable managed to get up and try to restrain the man, but was assaulted again.

The Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, said the 55-year-old then "picks up one of those officers and then pile drives him into the concrete footpath".

"We're in a serious situation here," he said on radio this morning.

Another officer used capsicum spray on the large man "which had no effect on subduing the man", the police spokesman said.

Police said the man then ran at a sergeant who deployed his Taser. He fell to the ground and allegedly tried to swing punches again but was eventually handcuffed by police.

"He was continuing to play up; I understand that the ambulance officers weren't able to treat him at the scene he was so violent," Mr Scipione said.

The incident came just hours after a coroner handed down a scathing assessment of police misuse and abuse of Tasers following the death of the young Brazilian student, Roberto Laudisio Curti.

The 21 year-old was Tasered 14 times, nine of which hit him successfully, during a struggle with police on Pitt Street in March.

The State Coroner, Mary Jerram, said the officers were "reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful" in their attempts to restrain and subdue Mr Curti.

She said they abused their police powers and behaved with a pack mentality.

Mr Scipione has defended the use of Tasers and said that the Lakemba incident showed how they can protect lives.

Without the Taser, the three officers "would have been much more severely injured and likewise the person they were trying to subdue", he said.

The 55-year-old man suffered just a graze on his head. He is in hospital under police guard and will be interviewed by Campsie Police once medical clearance is given.

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