Uiver beats a new art gallery

A REPORT I heard on Monday at the Albury Council chambers spelt out how, in effect, that on one hand you have the event and on the other you have the plane.

I had to presume that this implied that “never the twain shall meet”.

But the two did meet in 1980 when the council accepted the gift of the plane on behalf of the people of Albury and the Governor-General, Sir Zelman Cowan — a great friend of (former solicitor) Stan Jackling — dedicated the Uiver Memorial at the airport.

Evidently, dedicated memorials come cheap these days.

It is my understanding that not so many months ago the council made allowance for possible future provision of $2,500,000 for housing our Douglas DC2 at the airport.

Where has that possible allowance gone? To the council’s art gallery extensions?

If the extra millions of dollars the council wants for the art gallery can’t be obtained, then why can’t a small part of those millions the council does have, be spent on a shed to keep our DC2 out of the elements?

Those who want to see it saved here already have ideas of how to tackle the job of restoration.

Our Douglas DC2 would be far more attractive to tourists than the art gallery.

I have visited many galleries and the only two I would ever want to visit again are those in Melbourne and the Guggenheim in New York.