Peace is a life without drink

IT is still unbelievable that most of us are very worried about our very young teenagers and young children drinking alcohol.

It is only now that the government realises that it is out of control.

To see 13-year-olds, and younger, carrying cartons of these sweet flavoured alcoholic drinks in the day is a big wake-up call.

Especially when there are far too many outlets where it can be purchased.

We constantly see horror warning ads on TV about smoking. Why not show a person dying in a hospital with their arms strapped to the sides of the bed, so the tubes can’t be pull out, because his whole body is shutting down because he was an alcoholic.

The message is a very horrible one and a terrible way to die.

Now all these sweet-tasting mixed drinks, even the youngest of children are getting hooked on it, and far too many parents allow it to happen, even in the their own homes.

It is the No.1 enemy in the world and involved in most of our crimes.

Drink water, you’ll be a lot healthier, happier and get lots of peace.

And we are coming to the time of year that we all want happiness, peace, love and no worries.