Lauren Jackson backs political brother

Star basketballer Lauren Jackson and her brother Ross.
Star basketballer Lauren Jackson and her brother Ross.

AUSTRALIAN Opals superstar Lauren Jackson has enthusiastically endorsed her brother’s decision to stand for Albury Council.

Speaking after watching her beloved Albury-Wodonga Bandits triumph over the Kilsyth Cobras on Saturday night, Ms Jackson said Ross Jackson would be a breath of fresh air for voters at the coming September elections.

“I think it’s great, a bit of young blood can definitely not hurt; his passion for the community is as high as mine,” Ms Jackson said.

“And that’s a reflection on our family and the way we were brought up.

“He’s really passionate about Albury and the community here and he wants the best for it.

“Ross is very good with people, he fights for what he believes in; those are pretty good qualities to start with if he’s going to be a politician.

“He has a lot of people backing him and supporting him and I’m going to be one of those people.

“I’m never here but when I am, I’ll be supporting whatever he does.”

After moving away a decade ago through his work commitments with the NSW railways, Mr Jackson returned to the Border recently and made the decision to stand for council after many discussions with friends and family.

The triple-Olympian admitted she wasn’t shocked by her brother’s decision, acknowledging Mr Jackson’s outgoing nature made him an ideal candidate.

“It didn’t really surprise me that much; he is that sort of person,” Ms Jackson said.

“He loves to get to know people where I’m maybe a little more reluctant to converse.

“He gets to know people, he understands issues and he loves Albury. He’s lived here, grown up here and from doing all that, he now wants to be a part of the Albury council.

“Considering everything and what he’s up against, I think it’s a very courageous move.”

While happy to back her brother in local politics, Ms Jackson said she had no plans to make a similar move, admitting she was far more interested in pursuing her passion for social work.

“My ambitions are more activism, more focused towards domestic violence, rape crisis, things like that,” Ms Jackson said.

“Ross wants to get out and push for Albury’s success and progress, I’ll support him in that but mine is more social work.”