000 pest: Nine calls an hour

A magistrate has questioned why a North Albury woman accused of making nine nuisance calls to triple-0 in an hour had been charged over only one of the calls.

Magistrate Tony Murray yesterday said the charge was so serious that he would adjourn it until December 4 so police could consider whether they wanted to charge her over the other calls.

The court heard Lisa Quayle made the calls this month to ambulance and police but when ambulance officers arrived for what they believed was a medical problem, they were abused and told to leave.

Six calls were made for an ambulance and three to the police.

Police said Quayle was on the phone asking for an ambulance when they apprehended her in Union Road.

She failed to attend Albury Local Court yesterday on charges of making a false call and resisting police in the execution of their duty.

“This is quite a serious matter,” magistrate Tony Murray said before revoking Quayle’s bail, convicting her for resisting arrest and issuing a warrant.

Quayle, 44, of Wantigong Street, made the first call from her mobile phone at 11.09pm on November 2, claiming there was an emergency. She then refused help from ambulance officers and told them to leave.

The officers also responded to calls at 11.22pm and 11.41pm and again were abused.

A call at 12.03am on November 3 asked police for assistance.

Four minutes, later Quayle sought both ambulance and police help, saying a friend, suffering an asthma attack, was on the ground not breathing.

But when police arrived and entered her house, they saw a woman sleeping on a bed.

They spoke to her and she did not know the whereabouts of Quayle.

Officers were still at her home at 12.17am when Quayle made another call seeking police help at her house.

More calls were made seeking an ambulance at another address.

Police patrolling the neighbourhood, stopped Quayle in Union Road.

They heard her asking for an ambulance, even though they could see she had no physical problems.

Quayle was arrested and had to be restrained after she resisted.