'Speak English or die' - terror on a suburban bus

COMMUTERS were subjected to a horrifying display of racism and threats of violence on a Melbourne bus when a French woman was abused for singing in her native tongue.

Video footage of the incident, taken by Melbourne stand-up comedian Mike Nayna, shows three people - including a man pushing a pram - threatening the woman, calling her a c---, a dog and a bitch.

''Speak English or die, motherf---er,'' a middle-aged man shouted at the woman, who was sitting at the back of the bus.

Later he said: ''Everyone on the bus wants to kill ya! You're gonna have to get off eventually bitch. You worked that out yet?''

He then threatened to cut off her breasts if she continued.

Mr Nayna said a woman, believed to be the partner of a man with a pram, heckled the Frenchwoman, to which she replied: ''Just go; you can go now.''

He said that prompted the man with the pram to shout: ''I'll f---ing boxcutter you right now, dog, talk to my missus like that.

''Yeah, come on c---, get off. F---ing ding. Look at ya. You've been told about four times, get off.''

When the man pushing the pram left the bus, he smashed the window closest to the woman from the outside.

The bus was a rail replacement running on the Frankston line from Mordialloc to Caulfield about 10.30pm on November 11.

Nayna said it was worrying how the abusers fed off each other and became a mob.

''It didn't make any sense. There was no logic,'' he said.

''It was just weird mob mentality. They were feeding off each other and breaking off into rants and encouraging each other over some racist stuff - it was like a bonding session.''

Nayna, who has light-brown skin, said at one point he tried to

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