We’re all free to write opinions

THERE are a number of frequent letter writers who regularly contribute to these pages each week.

I am happy to admit that I am one of them.

The ability to debate topics openly in a free press, without fear of intimidation is something that we should all be extremely grateful for.

Indeed, these freedoms don’t exist throughout much of the world.

So I was very disappointed when I arrived home on Tuesday to find an anonymous letter in my mailbox, criticising me and abusing those who print my letters.

I would say to this person, who was too cowardly to put their name to their letter, that they are free to write letters to this paper as well.

If they are so desperate to defend their beloved Labor Party against my criticism, then by all means, feel free to express yourself in these pages.

But don’t use intimidation tactics to try to silence people who hold a different view to you.