A good first impression

IT’S going to take some time for Wodonga residents to become used to the change to single-lane traffic in High Street, but if first impressions count, the city is on a winner.

High Street re-opened to traffic yesterday as a single lane in either direction, with angle parking almost doubling the number of spaces between Woodland Grove and South Street.

For retailers, the timing probably couldn’t be more ideal as they embark upon their Christmas retail campaigns, hoping to encourage people to do their shopping there.

Single-lane traffic has slowed vehicles in High Street and more parking for customers should mean there is more foot traffic on the shopping strip.

But not everyone is happy.

Some taxi drivers are upset that their ranks have been split at either end of the main High Street block.

And they say the slower pace of the traffic means it takes them longer to get to and from the city centre.

Some teething problems might have been expected with High Street experiencing such a major change.

There are further improvements to be made in the street and, by the time those are finished, we will have a more accurate picture of the project’s success.