Pedestrians sprayed: Coles 'thief' arrested

3:20PM: THREE High Street pedestrians were affected by capsicum spray as police tackled an angry alleged thief today.

The spray’s target was a 34-year-old Wodonga man accused of stealing groceries from Coles supermarket and later possessing drugs on High Street, Wodonga.

When police attempted to intercept the man on the western side of High Street about 1.15pm, they say he became aggressive and officers had no choice but to use capsicum spray.

The man was subdued, but three passers-by were also exposed to a small amount of the spray.

They suffered affects for about two minutes.

Earlier, security staff at the High Street Coles supermarket had stopped the Wodonga man and found stolen groceries on him.

They called police, who later saw the man allegedly pass cannabis to another man on the western side of High Street.

The alleged Coles thief became aggitated when police attempted to seize the substance from the second man.

After being subdued with capsicum spray he was arrested and charged on summons with theft, drug charges and resisting arrest.