Generosity is outstanding

THE generosity of the Border community never fails to amaze when people are in need of help.

Since The Border Mail on Saturday told the story of homeless couple Paul and his pregnant fiancee, Jane, there have been more than a dozen offers to assist the couple in finding a home.

People have opened their doors and hearts and offered spare rooms, homes and financial support.

Jane and Paul, whose baby is due in seven weeks, will return to the Border next week to a rental property offered by Albury’s Wayne and Anne Moffat.

Jane and Paul’s story struck a chord with many people familiar with the difficulties young families face when luck doesn’t fall their way.

Many of the offers came with similar stories about how people reached out for help when they were starting out.

This generosity further cements this community’s well-deserved reputation as one whose members stand up and offer a hand to those who need it.

To all those people who made a call, sent an email or tried in person at the weekend to offer their assistance, you can take a bow.

This community spirit is one of many reasons our region is such a wonderful place to live.