Voters want art gallery upgrade: Betteridge

THE community’s acceptance of the QEII Square master plan was the green light for the art gallery redevelopment, according to Albury councillor Daryl Betteridge.

Cr Betteridge is perplexed why the council will hold another round of community consultation about the gallery when the project was a key component of the plan adopted in 2010.

“Haven’t we already got the mandate from the people?” he said.

“Does this mean now we have to review every single policy that has been endorsed by the community previously?”

Cr Betteridge said additional consultation, which will take place during December-January, amounted to a stalling tactic from its proponents and puts federal funding in serious jeopardy.

“What are we going to learn in three months that we don’t already know?” he said.

“There seemed to be a reluctance to make a decision or to be controversial for the sake of it on Monday night.

“If we can’t make the decisions when they are asked for we should seriously consider our positions.”

Cr Betteridge also questioned what the community will be consulted about in relation to the art gallery following an exhaustive process already undertaken.

“The opportunity to create a regional art gallery is here,” he said.

“We have $3.5 million from the federal government on a time line and I think we are financially capable of taking this project forward.

“The staff are telling me we can do this and I am saying we should.”

Daryl Betteridge.

Daryl Betteridge.