Naked, drunk and abusive on the verandah

3PM: AN Albury man who was drunk, naked and abusive to police last month had a warrant issued for him after failing to attend court today.

Trevor Shane Bugmy was on bail for a matter at Broken Hill when he caused problems on October 20.

Bugmy, 50, of East Street, was due to appear in Albury Local Court today to defend a charge of behaving in an offensive manner.

His legal representative withdrew from the case and magistrate Tony Murray convicted him.

Police went to his residence about 12.30am on October 20 and were met by a woman who asked them to remove Bugmy due to his extreme level of intoxication.

As police walked towards a verandah, Bugmy came outside without any clothing and exposing himself.

He formed fists with his hands raised and asked police what they were doing there.

Officers tried to reason with him as he swore at them and advanced towards them.

A request was made for him to go back inside and put some clothing on.

Bugmy went inside, picked up a doona cover and bundled it under his arms.

He told police that he was not going with them and intended sleeping in a park somewhere.

He walked off and several motorists and pedestrians saw him wandering along naked.

More police arrived, Bugmy was found laying down in a laneway and was put in the back of a caged vehicle.

He was taken to the police station and due to his level of intoxication and aggression was put into a cell to sleep.