Woman tells of abduction attempt

A PRESTON woman has told of a harrowing approach by a man in High Street, Preston, on Sunday night in what appears to be separate attempts to abduct women.

Leesa-Marie Spencer was walking along High Street, Preston, on Sunday at around 8.30pm when she was approached by a tall man in his late 20s, with dark hair and olive skin, and wearing a black hat and black t-shirt.

He asked if she could look at something in his small red car. "I'm not completely stupid so I said no. As I walked away he grabbed my arm," she said. The man attempted to drag her, Ms Spencer said, but she broke free and ran to a nearby shop.

While on the phone to police, Ms Spencer was passed in High Street by another woman who had also been approached by the man. She reported a similar experience to police, Ms Spencer said.

"She said he'd tried to drag her to her car as well," said Ms Spencer, who yesterday gave a full report of the incident to police, and completed a photo-fit.

A Victoria Police spokesman last night said the incident had been reported and was now being investigated. "It's been reported and we are aware of it," he said.

It was important incidents like this were reported, Ms Spencer said. "This was really creepy because of the car – the passenger door was open, and he tried to grab me. ... You don't expect to go to the top of your street and have a man try to drag you into his car."

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