Woman just wouldn’t stop driving

FORMER Albury woman Cassandra Iris Denniss simply refused to stop driving despite charges and a bail condition preventing her from being in the driver’s seat.

Denniss was first nabbed for unlicensed driving and was subsequently disqualified for 12 months at court in early June this year.

But she was caught driving three times in less than three weeks on June 20, June 22 and July 9.

Now she has to complete an 11-month intensive corrections order, faces fines of $2650 over traffic offences and cannot drive until 2017 after appearing for sentencing in Albury Local Court.

Denniss, 21, is living in Wagga and must complete 32 hours of community service work each month as part of her order.

She cannot consume alcohol or drugs, must submit to testing for both and have home visits.

Magistrate Tony Murray banned her from driving for four years from June 5 next year.

Her trouble started when she was driving unlicensed on May 2 last year.

The road was wet and the vehicle driven by Denniss spun at least 180 degrees in Perry Street before mounting a kerb.

Denniss and a man in the front seat got out of the car and started to walk away.

The accident was witnessed by two people working at Billson Park and Denniss said she was going to find a phone and ring police.

But Denniss did not return.

Investigations revealed Denniss had a NSW learner’s licence which was disqualified for three months from July 13 last year.