Speeding drivers could have added to road toll

TWO Rutherglen women were caught driving at 28km/h over the speed limit in separate incidents.

Police are angry after three people have already died on the roads in the area. They say two more could have easily been added to the toll.

“It shows the lack of driver attention and awareness of what they’re doing in a vehicle,” Rutherglen’s Leading Sen-Constable Phil Ryder said.

“It really could end up in resulting in what happened in Yarrawonga in the past week and that’s the scary thing about it.”

Sen-Constable Ryder said a Rutherglen woman, 20, was detected driving at 128km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Murray Valley Highway on Tuesday night.

She was about three kilometres outside of Rutherglen driving towards Wodonga when she was pulled her over at 9pm.

“She realised she was going a bit over the speed limit but not that fast,” Sen-Constable Ryder said.

The young woman, who was driving her mother’s Holden Cruz to a friend’s house in Wodonga, will lose her licence for a month.

She was given four demerit points and a $370 fine.

Age doesn’t breed experience with a woman, 72, also clocked doing 128km/h on the same road the week before.

Sen-Constable Ryder said the woman was detected driving around a sweeping bend on the highway near the Logic Centre, heading towards Rutherglen at 10.30pm last Tuesday.

He said the excuse from the driver was the same as her Generation Y counterpart.

“She said she didn’t realise she was going that fast,” Sen-Constable Ryder said.

She also lost her licence for a month and copped the same fine and demerit points.

Two people were killed in crashes near Yarrawonga on Friday — a Tungamah woman, 47, on the Yarrawonga-Benalla Road and a Tallygaroopna father, 39, just out of Tungamah.

A Mulwala woman, 20, was killed on Tuesday on the Murray Valley Highway at Cobram East.