Bring back MPs Lou and Bill

MAYBE it is the reversion of High Street to angle parking but a wave of nostalgia has swept over me this week, especially when I see/hear the utterances of our local politicians.

I hark back to what, in retrospect were the “Good Old Days”, when we were represented by Bill Baxter and Lou Lieberman.

Two men whose party views were diametrically opposed to mine but who would not presume to know everything about everything nor just parrot the party line.

They were prepared to sit down and discuss matters, do research, ask for advice and then act in a way they believed was in the best interests of Indi and Benambra.

Usually I would still disagree with their actions, but at least they were prepared to listen.

What is the current situation, our local member who is a party line follower who has clearly no idea about some things (especially the concept of “performance pay” for teachers) but shows no willingness to listen and try to understand the concerns of parents, teachers and the wider community.

Perhaps he thinks that district inspectors were a good and effective means of assessing teachers’ performances (I’m not that nostalgic!) or should we leave it up to principals and increase their almost impossible workload and stress.

Neither of our representatives has ever espoused the idea of “performance pay” for politicians — I wonder why?

If Shane Warne is on a comeback, then perhaps Mr Baxter and Mr Lieberman might do likewise.