A pub glassing the worst of it

A GLASSING at Thurgoona was the worst incident of violence in Albury at the weekend as police joined Operation Unite, a national crackdown on alcohol-related crime.

There were up to 50 inspections of licensed premises.

Inspector Matt Tishler said the operation, which saw 17 extra police in Albury, was a success but there were still people who flouted the law.

“Still, a number of people over-indulged,” he said.

“In the main, people are well-behaved ... it only takes one incident to occur that’s witnessed by a number of members of the public that creates that perception that things aren’t safe out there.”

There also were several arrests for drink-driving and reports of assaults in Dean Street that police are still investigating.

Operation Unite ran on Friday and Saturday night across Australia and New Zealand and more than 1000 people were arrested.

Ten of those were in Albury, most of them were juveniles for allegedly breaching bail conditions,

Insp Tishler said a person had been arrested after the glassing incident at the Kinross Woolshed at Thurgoona on Saturday night.

He would not reveal details of the incident because it was “under investigation”.

He said police had been called to two assaults in Dean Street. The injuries in both cases were minor.

He also said several infringement notices had been issued for offensive behaviour, including urinating in public.

Nationally, the most extreme case of alcohol abuse occurred at a Bellevue Hill backyard party in Sydney’s east.

It involved a girl, 13, being hospitalised after passing out at a party.

Police said the girl had consumed a “large amount of vodka” at a party of more than 250 teenagers.

NSW headed the arrest list with 550 people.

“They had managed to get themselves so drunk, or so out-of-focus that they got themselves in strife and arrested,” Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said.

“What we are seeing more and more is that when people do get out and don’t have a plan for getting home, they end up presenting themselves as victims rather than offenders.

In Victoria, 160 people were arrested — including 105 for being drunk and 29 for assault.

The figures were slightly down on last year’s Operation Unite.

More than 1200 uniformed and plain-clothed Queensland police flooded the state’s hot spots, arrested 28 people for assault.

Another 119 people were caught drink-driving, 169 liquor infringement notices were issued and 912 licensing breaches found at venues.

Perth police had their hands full, charging almost 200 people on Friday night and another 289 people on Saturday.

More than 7500 roadside breath tests resulted in 64 motorists charged.

In New Zealand, about 300 people were arrested for drink-driving.

“Our drivers had to share the roads with more than 300 drunk-drivers who could have killed them of their families,” a police spokesman said.

Sgt Mark Watson on a 'walk through' at Paddy's on Friday night. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL

Sgt Mark Watson on a 'walk through' at Paddy's on Friday night. Picture: JOHN RUSSELL